About Us

Center for Reproductive Health – Faculty of Medicine UGM

CRH consists of interdisciplinary institution with research and educational effort focus on reproductive and sexual health, maternal and child health, and population changes. The focus on increasing health, growth, and development throughout life of Indonesian and global population, including mother and children, family, adolescent, female, parents and population with special care need.

Research interests from this center encompass wide spectrum from various topics, including : a) improving maternal and child health (e.g: safe motherhood and child survival interventions); b) population program and policy and family planning; c) prevention and treatment of Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) and HIV/AIDS infection; d) social and economic development related to reproductive health status; e) health policy, program planning, and evaluation; f) demography; and g) designing and funding of health care system in related reproductive health problem. CRH has built health and nutrition community and research laboratory (Central Health and Nutrition-Research Laboratory/CHN-RL) since 1994. CHN-RL has been used in facilitating student and lecturer research, as well as to test new intervention and training for public servants.

CHN-RL is based in Purworejo District, providing opportunity to obtained experience in data collection and big scale population and clinical analysis based in epidemiological study. CHN-RL is member of INDEPTH network, which connects researchers who work in demography and population study all over the world. Post graduate student in affiliated department comes from various backgrounds. Many of the students come from various health institutions, National Family Planning Board (BKKBN), Ministry of Health and other education institution.

Member of CRH team produce scientific knowledge and public health ideas through studies, improving technical skills and leadership through education program, and improving national capacity through collaborative projects, including collaboration with other developing countries (for example: INDEPTH and INCLEN network) and developed countries (for example: John Hopkins University, Umea University, Sweden and UCLA). CRH implement and develop various method based on demography, biostatistics, epidemiology, nutrition, psychology development, sociology, health care research, economy, communication, policy analysis, disciplinary and behavior science related to research and professional practice. Member of CRH team consists of expert from various background, such as: obstetrics and gynecology, pediatric, reproduction biology, epidemiology, biostatistics, economy, ethics, anthropology, political science and sociology.


Become advanced research center and innovation in reproductive health demographic, and health control, and education activity to improve population health status.


  • Develop and maintain supervision on demographic and health to understand the dynamics on reproductive health in Indonesia
  • Conduct research towards a new reproductive health intervention
  • Develop internationally established education center to improve professional knowledge and skills in reproductive health in terms of collecting, managing, analyze and using surveillance demographic and health data