Belinda RM Spagnoletti, Linda R Bennett, Michelle Kermode, Siswanto Agus Wilopo

Multitasking breastfeeding mamas: middle class women balancing their reproductive and productive lives in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

This qualitative study explored in depth the lived experiences of middle class women in Yogyakarta, Indonesia as they attempted to juggle their unpaid reproductive work with paid work in the formal sector or with university study. Our analysis reveals the challenges encountered by middle class women when they decide to exclusively breastfeed whilst also participating in work and tertiary study. We explicate the legal framework underpinning exclusive breastfeeding and maternity leave, and identify significant gaps between labour and exclusive breastfeeding legislation and the implementation of these laws in workplaces and universities. The tensions between the gendered expectations of women's contributions to reproductive and productive work are also exposed. Drawing on our findings, we assert the importance of social support and the collective nature of reproductive agency exercised by Indonesian women who seek to exclusively breastfeed while working or studying.